July/August's Photos

Hope you're enjoying the summer - here are some of our highlights!


Kirkwood Lodges June 22 thru June 28 callers Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie, Ken Bower and resident caller Marshall Flippo.

Gerry Hardy and Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie chatting during a break at Kirkwood Lodge.

Gerry and Chuck with Shane Greer at Gingham Squares, Eureka, Mo.

The Lucky 11's sharing a evening out away from square dancing. The Lucky Elevens are a square of dancers that get together for square dance and non-square dance events on a regular basis

Chuck and Gerry Hardy at Kirkwood Lodge on the veranda with Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie, Ken Bower and Marshall Flippo.


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