Calling Schedule

April to October 1997

For more information call or write:

Shane & Missy Greer
800 N. E. 10th St.
Wagoner, OK 74467

Mid October to Mid April
Dance with Shane & Missy
Rincon Country West Resort
Tucson , Arizona

Happy Dancing!

April 1997

4th --- OK, Tulsa --- Pre Festival Jam w/Monty Hackler

5th --- OK,, Tulsa --- Northeast Okla. Square Dance Festival

7th --- OK, Wagoner --- Plus Lessons

8th---OK, Wagoner---Tea Cup Chains Plus Dance

11th --- KS, Manhatten---Konza Twirlers

12th --- MO, Jefferson City---Huffs & Puffs

14th --- OK, Wagoner --- Plus Lessons

18th --- OK, Bartlesville --- Jane Phillips

20th --- IL, Chicago --- Tidal Wave Dance w/Guy Adams

23rd --- OH, Vandalia --- Circle "8"

24th---KY,, Fairdale---Derby Town Plus

25th --- KY, Cold Springs---"Y" Squares

26th---OK, Wagoner --- Twilight Twisters

27th --- OK, Tulsa---Benefit Dance (Prevention of Child Abuse)

28th --- OK, Wagoner --- Plus Lessons

May 1997

2nd --- TX, Longview --- Crystal Squares

3rd --- TX, Bosier City---Activ-8-Ers

5th --- OK, Wagoner --- Plus Lessons

6th --- OK, Bartlesville --- Classics AI & A2

9th --- KS, Liberal---Star Promenaders

I 10th --- TX, Amarillo --- Top Of Texas Association Dance

12th---OK, Wagoner --- Plus Lessons

13th---OK, Wagoner --- Tea Cup Chains Plus

16th --- MO, Tipton

18th --- KS, Wichita --- West Side Steppers

19th --- OK, Wagoner --- Plus Lessons

22nd --- IL, Chicago---Checkmates AI & A2 w/Guy Adams

23rd --- IL, Chicago

24 & 25th--WI, Lake Geneva--Mid-West Singles Fest

31st --- OK, Muskogee --- Fifth Saturday Special

June 1997

1st--OK, Inola --- Plus-N-Stuff w/Kieth Stretch

2nd--OK, Wagoner--Plus Lessons

3rd--OK, Bartlesville--Classics Al & A2

6th--TX, Paris--Paris Squares

8th to 12th--MO, Osage Beach "Kirkwood Lodge" w/Tom Roper, Marshall Flippo, & the Beckers

13th--CO, Denver--More Squares

14th--CO, Denver--Polka Dots

15th--CO, Walsh--Walsh Prairie Twirlers

16th--OK, Wagoner--Plus Lessons

17th--KS, Hoisington--Swinging Stars

19th--AR, Hot Springs--De Soto Dancers

20th--AR, Hot Springs--Al & A2

22nd--IL, Belleville--Boots & Slippers

25 to 28th--FL, Orlando--National Square Dance Convention

30th--OK, Wagoner--Plus Lessons

July 1997

1st--OK, Bartlesville--Classics Al & A2

7th--NC, Hendersonville

8th--GA, Helen

9th--SC, Mauldin--Acey Duecey's AI & A2

10th--SC, Senaca

I I th--NC, Charollote--Anniversary Dance w/Sam Lowe

12th--SC, Greenville--Special w/Sam Lowe & Stan Russell

13th--NC, Linville--Mountain Mixers

14th--SC, Columbia--Tangle Foots

17th--MO, Centralia--Star Reachers AI & A2

18th--MO, Florescent--MO Promenaders

19th--MO, St. Louis--Zig Zags AI & A2

20th--MO, Canidenton--Huffs Zig Zags AI & A2

22nd--OK, Wagoner--Tea Cup Chains Plus

26th--MO, Springfield--Kountry Kousins

29th--LA, Shreveport--Southem Swingers

30th--TX, Houston--Lone Star Singles

August 1997

1st to 3rd--PA, Edinboro--Presque Isle Fun Fest w/Guy Adams

4th--AR, Bella Vista--Kingsdale Squares

5th--OK, Bartlesville--Classics Al & A2

8th--TX, Houston--North Star Singles

9th--TX, Baytown--Bayshore Wagon Wheels

12th--OK, Wagoner--Tea Cup Chains

15th--KS, Hutchison--Salt City Shakers w/Monty Hackler

16th--CO, Lyons--Red Rock Ramblers

17th--CO, Colorado Springs--Bachelors-n-Bachelorettes

28th--MO, St. Roberts--Travelers

30th--MO, Eldon--Ozark Whirlers

September 1997

4th--KS, Ottawa--TNT Plus

5th--OK, Grove--Dance Cruise on Cherokee Queen w/Monty Hackler

6th--OK, Oklahoma City--Central District Dance

9th--OK, Wagoner--I'ca Cup Chains Plus w/Guy Adams

I Oth--MO, Paris--Jerry Story Road Runners

I I th--MO, Centralia-- Star Reachers AI & A2

12th--MO, Springfield--Activ 8 ers

13th--IL, Woodriver--Hoedowners

16th--OK, Bartlesville--Classics Al & A2

19th--TX, Paris--Paris Squares

24th--KS, Hays--Hays Twirlers Special

25th to 27th--NM, Red River--Aspencades Festival Plus

October 1997

4th--IL, Wheaton--Harvest Hoedown w/Guy Adams

6th--TX, Pasadena--Strawberry Squares Anniversary Dance

11th--KS, Clay Center--Piotique Promenaders

12th--NF,, Lincoln--Grand Squares

13th--KS, Pittsburg--Gents and Janes

17th & 18th--AZ, Globe--Festival Gili-a County Fairgrounds