Dancing will add ten years to your life!

The following are excerpts printed from the United Square Dancers Association News, reprinted from Dacniní News of Central Florida and The Caller of Memphis, Tennessee.

Live Ten Years Longer!

Square Dancing will add ten years to your life, a surprising new study shows. Dr. Arron Blackburn states " Itís clear that square dancing is the perfect exercise. It combines all positive aspects of intense physical exercise with none of the negative elements."

Dr. Blackburn said square dancing is a low impact activity requiring constant movement and quick directional changes that help keep the body in shape. The study was based on their physical examination which indicated that both female and male square dancers could expect to live well into their 80's.

Square dance movements raise heart rates like many good aerobic exercises should. All the quick changes of direction loosen and tone up the muscles--but not so severally as to cause injury. In square dancing, when youíre not moving, youíre clapping hands and tapping your feet, which all contributes to long term fitness.

"You donít see a lot of 55 year old basketball players, but thatís just the age when square dancers are hitting their peak", he said.

Last Updated: Sunday, June 23, 1996